Smooth Natural UV Lacquered
  • Smooth Natural UV Lacquered
  • Smooth Natural UV Lacquered
  • Smooth Natural UV Lacquered
  • Smooth Natural UV Lacquered

Smooth Natural Lacquered 15mm / 4mm x 148mm Multiply


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  • Beautiful natural character
  • Simple & quick to clean -Regular sweeping & vacuuming is enough to keep the lacquered solid oak floor in good condition.
  • Suitable for dust allergy sufferers – free of dust mites
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Micro-Beveled
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Micro Beveled

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Suitable for Kitchen & Living room

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Suitable for underfloor heating

Product Description

Wood Flooring Type | Engineered

Engineered wood flooring is cleverly constructed so it doesn’t expand and contract in the same way as solid wood floor. Constructed from multiple wood layers and topped off with a hard wood surface, engineered floors are the modern alternative to solid wood. They offer several practical advantages without compromising on the authentic real wood look and feel. Its layered construction is more stable than solid wood and will not be as affected by humidity changes in the environment. This dimensional stability means there is less need to accommodate for seasonal movement when installing, a reduced acclimatization period and it allows engineered floors to be fitted above under floor heating.

Hardwood Species | Oak

Oak is a really popular wood flooring choice, This is because it is strong and durable as it will last for years and years. Oak wood flooring allows colour variation between planks which can vary from light to dark shades.

Grade | Character ABC

When wood is processed it is graded into different categories: prime, character or rustic. The grading process takes into account the number and the size of knots that are present in the wood, the consistency of the colour and the amount of sap naturally present in the wood. The character grade of this floor allows little sapwood, knots of varying sizes some mineral streaks, natural grain pattern and colour variation. Any knots, splits or imperfections will be filled with dark filler.

Finish | UV Lacquered

The finishing of this wood flooring is with a UV filter and has been lacquered. This means that the overall finish is tough, has a slight shine to it (even if matt lacquer is used there will always be a slight shine) and will stand up to the negative effects of sunshine and extreme natural light.

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15mm (4mm wear layer)


Smooth / UV Lacquered


Tongue & Groove (Multiply)


1860mm Random Length


European Oak



Pack Size

2.20224m coverage